Happy Birthday Mike Ness

Disclosure: This is a mash-up of two blog posts I wrote in October 2012, and January, 2013, respectively. I wrote them under a pseudonym on blogs I no longer maintain. It’s not the kind of writing I’d usually share publicly and transparently, but today is Mike Ness’s birthday, and the guy is a bit of a punk […]

Writing, Acting, and Celebrity

  A couple weeks ago, I was having a dinner and drinks with my buddy Mark John, and we were listening to vinyls and talking about stuff like good and bad editors, and what it’s like to deal with them. At some point, I segued into how I think writing was a lot like acting, and he cut in and […]

Being a Surfer, Not a Tourist

So this blog has nothing to do with surfing the web or being a lurker. No, it has to do with actual surfers. You know, the kind that shred waves, hang ten, and probably enjoy life a lot more than most of us — which alone is reason enough I think we can all learn something from […]